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Illustration children’s book

Keine Angst, kleiner Wurm - Ein Mutmachbuch

The German children’s author and publisher Birgit Scholze has written an encouragement story and I was allowed to create the illustrations for it.

The book was published by Verlag Maurer Karben with ISBN 9783980168588 and can be purchased in stores.

A part of you from me

A part of you from me

When I started to paint more intensively, I very often painted very detailed and every little dot. I had many very fine brushes and could spend hours painting the smallest parts of the picture. At some point I switched more to large-format painting and found it more exciting when not everything was painted down to the last detail.

When I discovered small canvases in a shop a few years ago, an idea flared up in me – I wanted to paint details on these small canvases.

So it happened that I took photos of eyes, ears, fingers and lips with my Polaroid at open airs and various festivities and occasions, and then captured this detail on the mini canvas with a pencil. Sure, I could also draw my counterpart directly, but who wants to sit still for that long these days? The Polariods will always remain in my possession. At some point I will also make a work with these – but that is still open.