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Current Projects

Municipality of Baar
Wiesental school building, Baar – art from demolished building
A link between history and the future.

The municipality of Baar and the Auf-, Ab- und Umbruch association are offering five artists access to the buildings in the first demolition phase. These include the two Wiesental gyms, the library, the singing hall and the hall of mirrors as well as the caretaker’s flat. The artists are free to choose the objects with which they create a work. Material, shape, size – no limits: a carte blanche. Part of the demolished school building will live on in the factory. A link between history and the future. The origin is outside the demolition object. On the occasion of a vernissage, all the works will come together again on the grounds of the Wiesental school building.

The new Wiesental school will be built from early summer 2022 to 2027. The new building project for the Wiesental school is one of the largest construction projects in the municipality in recent years. A new school building is to be built in the Baar Nord school district (Blickensdorf) at a cost of around CHF 100 million. The new building is necessary because the Wiesental school building, which was built between 1967 and 1970, is in a poor structural condition. Construction was carried out under extreme time pressure at the time, which is why compromises were made with the piling.

My reference. I grew up in Baar and went to primary school there. These school days were formative in many respects and associated with great emotions. For me, this project offers the opportunity to come to terms with the past and to process what I have experienced from a distance.

Studio project work group Sinner

It is an examination of the woman as a sinner. But is the Christian definition that there is a wrong way of life and that it is a violation of the divine commandment if one does not adhere to behavioural norms and morality still up to date? As a Christian woman, how do you deal with this burden of sin in this day and age? Making external judgements, consciously crossing moral boundaries and dealing with one’s own doubts. The “Sinner” group of works is currently being created with this question and her own ideas in mind. Answers are deliberately not given, but left to the viewer.

Studio project work group “In this together”

The works in this series not only depict existential and emotional situations, but also often irrational or unfounded fears that can keep us trapped in these situations. Despite obvious solutions seen from the outside, the protagonists of the works do not seem to find a way out. The use of oil on canvas or wood creates a profound emotional experience that is enhanced by deliberately chosen colours and symbolism. The works arise from formative personal experiences and feelings and thus offer an insight into my emotional world.

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