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Gender bias


Round – curvy – red – female? Straight – rectilinear – blue – male?

Installation thoughts

The eternal discussion about gender roles is man-made. I question these prejudices and would like to show in a striking way what is often categorised and pigeonholed in our minds from an early age.

The feminine round seems delicate and is meant to evoke associations through its transparency and loose hanging in space. The masculine straight line breaks through the feminine with a hardness that – for me – is almost disturbing. Nevertheless, for me both belong together. The change to green symbolises the neutral gender colour.

But why does the female have to be round and red – or the male blue and straight? Who makes this typecasting and why do we often live according to it? We are all vulnerable and strong – why do we assign such adjectives to a certain gender? Why do we fall into the “gender prejudice trap” again and again?

Red (pink) stands for weakness, helplessness and naivety – blue for the world of work and men. But did you know that a good 100 years ago this was the other way around?

We make our own drawers – fortunately, we can also fill them with new content ourselves. “lovelove”. 

Material*: Electric tubes, PVC tube, LEDs, adhesive tape, transparent plastic *Everything is reused or recycled.